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Barefoot in the Grass teaches ‘back-to-earth’ diet and lifestyle principles, geared towards
preventing illness and enjoying vibrant health. I’m guessing you’re here because:

1. You’re a health-conscious person/family seeking a more natural and traditional diet and lifestyle.

2. You’re eager to take all the steps you can to take charge of your and your families’ own health!

3. You’re looking for natural, yet simple methods to resolve the health issues you’re struggling with! (…including infertility issues!)

4. You are tired of modern medicine that doesn’t heal, modern diets that don’t work and a modern lifestyle that leaves you sick and exhausted.

5. You care deeply about how your food choices impact the planet and others’ health!

6. You’re looking for a Christ-centered wellness community.

Get started by exploring these 4 simple steps to wellness

Nourishing Traditional Diet

Learn a back to earth diet…

– Learn what a nourishing traditional diet/ Weston A Price diet is in this blog post!
– Check out my FREE nourishing traditional recipe printables.
– Make grocery shopping a breeze with my FREE grocery shopping guides!
– Download my FREE “Beginners Guide to Nourishing Traditional eating”. (Coming Soon!…)

Holistic and Non-Toxic Living

Choose a non-toxic lifestyle…

– Understand why you need to get rid of toxic home cleaners!
– Learn how to go holistic with your dentistry with this complete guide, reversing cavities, or
holistic hygiene blog posts.
– Learn to choose essential oils wisely and not get caught up in the hype.

Nature Therapy

Learn the health benefits of spending time in nature…
– Learn the benefits of grounding and minimalist shoes PLUS how to break-in minimalist grounding sandals. – Check out my “30 Days to Grounded” grounding PDF/Printable if you’re ready to start grounding now!
– Check out my FREE ‘Barefoot Freedom’ Walking challenge!

Movement & Meditation

Finding a meditative movement routine…

– Worried about practicing yoga as a Christian? Learn how to keep your movement practices “Christ-centered”!

healthy living
Designed to inspire, this printable is jampacked
with simple statements you can apply to everyday
life in your journey to traditional wellness.